Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Nails

Its valentines day ... and I don't have anyone to spend it with so thought I would spend my evening painting my nails ! Here's the finished look, read below to find out how I created it ...

What will you need?

In order to create this look you will need a white and red nail varnish, a cocktail stick and a piece of paper. 

How to create the look...

First paint all your nails red apart from your ring finger which you paint white. I used two coats on the red nails and three on the white to create a more opaque cover. Then wait for all your nails to dry. Once dry, get your cocktail stick and put a dot of red nail varnish onto the paper. Then create a heart shape onto the white nail. I created mine by first drawing two dots to create the top of the heart and then joint them together at the bottom. After you have created the heart shape, wait for your nails to dry and then if you wish paint a top coat over the top to help prevent your nails from chipping.

Hope you enjoyed this mini nail art tutorial ... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY xxx

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