Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jigsaw Nails

Another nail art post ... This time I created jigsaws! Its quite time consuming but if you want to find out how I created them read below...

What will you need?

You can choose any 4 main colours which you want to use for each jigsaw piece. I chose to use pink, purple, green and peach. You will also need a black nail varnish to create the outline of the jigsaw pieces and as usual with my nail art tutorials a tooth pick and a piece of paper.

Step to Step Guide

As you can see from the images above there are 3 main steps to this look:

Step 1:
To start with you want to create 4 squares of colour on your nail. I achieved this using the tooth pick to draw an outline of the square and then filled it in. Leave the colours to dry.

Step 2:
Once the squares are dry you can move onto step 2. For this step, using the black nail varnish and the tooth pick, begin by creating a cross along the inside borders of the squares. Next make a small dot in the middle of each line (as shown in the middle image). Leave to dry.

Step 3:
Finally once the black outlines are dry, take your 4 colours again and using the tooth pick go over the centre of the black dots with the corresponding colours to the square which it leads from. Again leave the colours to dry and then if you wish add a top coat over the top to prevent chipping. 

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