Friday, 22 February 2013

Jazz Up Your Shoes

I got some plain dolly shoes and wanted to jazz them up a bit, so added some studs onto the bows myself! The final result is shown below, read below to find out how I achieved this ...

What will you need?

You will need some studs/ gems (I got the ones I used from Hobby Craft for £2.29), some fabric glue (again I purchased the one I used from Hobby Craft for £2.99) and a pair of plain dolly shoes you want to jazz up.

How to add the studs/ gems...

To add the gems onto the shoes, I placed a small blob of the glue onto the back of the stud and placed it onto the shoe in the desired place, pressing hard to ensure the stud is firmly on the shoe. I repeated this step until all the studs were on the shoe. I chose to use gold studs to match the gold heel on the shoe, and places the studs all around the bow. Once all the studs are on the show, leave the glue to dry (preferably over night). 

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