Friday, 27 February 2015

Avon Magic Effects: Matte and Mineral Crush Nail Art Look

Head over to the Avon blog or YouTube channel to check out how I created this look using their new Matte and Mineral Crush polishes from the Magic Effects nailwear range*!

Avon Magic Effects: Matte and Mineral Crush Nail Art Look

I'd love to know what you think of my video, so let me know in the comments below.

Happy Nail Art-ing!
Sam x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Geometric Pink & Rose Gold Nail Art

So a couple of weeks ago Models Own had a half price sale on all their polishes, so naturally I couldn't help but pick up a few. I have been loving seeing swatches of their new Colour Chrome polishes and as these were in the sale I had to get my hands on a few. My favourite is definitely the shade "Chrome Rose" (who doesn't love a bit of rose gold!?), it is so unlike any other shade I own, so I thought I would create a nail art look using this polish to share with you!

Geometric Pink & Rose Gold Nail Art

Rose Gold Nail Art

So as I mentioned I used the Models own Colour Chrome shade "Chrome Rose" and the bright pink shade is Models Own "Sophie's Pink".

Step 1: To begin I painted all my nails in the rose gold shade and left this to dry completely (one thing I was really impressed with about the Models Own Colour Chrome polishes is their extremely quick drying time!)

Step 2: Next taking some normal household tape, I cut thin triangle shaped pieces and placed them randomly over the nail.

Step 3: Taking the bright pink polish, I added a coat of this over each nail.

Step 4: I actually found this nail art to be more effective by leaving the polish to dry slightly before removing the tape, so that is the next step!

Step 5: Once all the tape is removed and everything is completely dry, take a top coat just to even out the nail and add a shine! 

And there you have your geometric pink and rose gold nail art!

Pink Nail Art

Nail Art

What do you think of this look? Have you created any nail art recently?

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentines Day Makeup Look

Rather than just sticking to Valentines nail art this year, I thought I would post a Valentines makeup look too! If you are heading out on a date or spending some time with friends, this look is perfect to get you in the Valentines spirit. When I think of Valentines day I instantly think of a red lip so that is exactly what I went for, paired with a deep pink eye.

Valentines Makeup Look

Valentines Makeup Look

Valentines Makeup

As always on my face I used my trusty Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation paired with Collection Lasting PerfectionConcealer to perfect and even out my skin, the Illamasqia Sculpting Duo and Nars Laguna Bronzer to contour, Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora and Seventeen Shimmer Brick to highlight and Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Katie to add a hint of blush.


On my eyes I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I took Liar all over my lid, Nooner under my lower lash line and through the crease and pressed Trick over the centre of my lid to add some shimmer. I created a cat eye winged liner using the Maybelline Gel Liner and added some volume to my lashes using the Lancome Grandiose mascara (which I have been loving). Also to define my brows I used Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Peek

To create my luscious red valentines lips I first filled my lips using Illamasqua Lip Pencil in Feisty and then added Illamasqua Lipstick in Maneater - the perfect matte red lip!

I hope you like my look! What makeup plans do you have for Valentines day tomorrow?

Happy Valentines Day!
Sam xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Nail Art #2: Glitter Stripes and Hearts

Im back with my second Valentines day nail art and today I created a striped design, with a heart on the ring finger as an accent nail to help share the love!

Valentines Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art

To create this nail art all you will need is nail varnish in lilac, barbie pink and silver glitter. It will also be handy to have a top coat, some striping tape and a dotting tool! 

Step 1: Begin by painting all your nails in the lilac shade and leave this to dry completely

Step 2: Next, taking the barbie pink shade onto a dotting tool, I created the heart shape.

Step 3: Whilst the heart was drying, I took some striping tape adding two pieces to the nail and painting the pink shade down the centre to create the first stripe. I pealed the tape off whilst the nail varnish was still wet and left this to dry.

Step 4: Once the heart was dry, I took the silver glitter onto a dotting tool and added this into the centre of the heart.

Step 5: Next I added glitter, again using a dotting tool, down the centre of the pink stripe and also down either side of my nails. 

Step 6: Once everything was nice a dry, I went in with a top coat adding a layer to each nail to seal in the design!

And there you have your sparkly Valentines nails!

Heart and Stripe Nail Art

Do you have any plans for valentines day? I also have a Valentines makeup look coming up later this week!

Happy Valentines Day! Sam xx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Valentines Nail Art #1: Pink and Red Ombré with Polka Dots

We are now into February and its under 2 weeks away until Valentines day, so I though I better start some Valentines themed nail art to help spread some love! Whether you have someone special to share the day with or you have a date with a box of chocolates and the TV, add a bit of romance into the air by creating a fun nail art. If you want to find out how I created this pink and red ombré with polka dots keep reading...

Valentines Nail Art

Ombre Nail Art

All you will need is nail varnish in the shades red, pink and white, a tooth pick / dotting tool and a small makeup sponge. You may also want to have some cotton buds and nail varnish remover to hand just to tidy up around the nails, as the ombré can get a bit messy!
I used the shades: Illamasqua 'Throb', Graffiti Nails 'Butterfly Pink', and Models Own 'Coconut Cream'. 

Step 1: I began by painting my nails in one coat of white polish, just to make the ombré shades more vibrant.
Step 2: Next, by taking a stripe of the red and pink polishes onto a small makeup sponge and pressing onto the nail, I created the ombre effect.
Step 3: Then I took some white polish onto a toothpick and added small polka dots evenly across each nail.
Step 4: Finally, once everything was dry I added a top coat to each nail just to seal everything into place.

Polka Dot Nail Art

Pink Nail Art

What do you think of this nail art? Will you be creating any yourself for Valentines day?

Happy Nail Art-ing AND Happy Valentines Day!

Sam x

Friday, 30 January 2015

Topshop Best of Makeup: Sale Pick

Topshop Makeup

Topshop Best of Makeup Kit

So I have never tried any of the Topshop makeup myself but I have always wanted to, so when I saw the 'Best of' Makeup Kit in the sale for £15 instead of £40, I couldn't help but take it to the till! I have heard amazing things about their lipsticks and I was keen to try the 'Glow' highlighter so I was thrilled to see these in amongst the makeup goodness. You also get a mascara, a kohl liner, a cream blush in 'Head over Heals' a bright coral shades and a gorgeous deep toned eyeshadow palette in 'Tuxedo'.

My favourite pieces have to be the gorgeous pink lipstick in 'Innocent' which is perfect for everyday wear and the 'Glow' highlighter, because you do know I LOVE a strong highlight. I am also really looking forward to using the palette to create some smokey evening looks, so I'm sure you will see me using that in a makeup tutorial post very soon!

Im not 100% if this is still available in the sale, I went in to my local Topshop again last weekend and there were still a few up for grabs but I have noticed a lot of the sales are coming to and end so grab it if you can!

Have you ever tried any of the Topshop makeup? Did you pick up any gems in the January sales?

Sam xx

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sparkly Pink Ombré Chevron Nail Art

Today is the turn of girly pink ombré nails with some added chevron sparkle! If you want to find out how I created these nails keep reading...

Ombré Chevron Nail Art

Sparkly Chevron Nail Art

To create this nail look I used Models Own 'Coconut Cream' and 'Sun Hat', Illamasqua 'Trilliant' and Rimmel  'Ultra Violet'. I also topped my nails with Seche Vite fast drying top coat (which is AMAZING if you haven't tried it).

I began by painting my nails in a base of white just to create a blank canvas on the nails and make the ombré more vibrant. Then taking my pink and purple polishes onto a small makeup sponge I created the ombré design on all nails. I then applied a top coat just to speed up the drying process.
To create the sparkly chevrons I used some nail vinyls which I got here. Once my nails were completely dry I pressed three of the chevron vinyls onto my ring and index fingers and painted the champagne glitter over the top. Before this dried, I quickly removed the vinyls to reveal the girly design.
Finally to add even more sparkle, I placed a gem on each of the remaining nails and added a top coat to seal them into place. I didn't add a top coat to the ring and index finger and I love the textured glitter finish.

Sparkly Pink Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art

What do you think of this design? It might be a bit summery but I like to brighten up the winter months with my nails!

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam xx