Sunday 12 June 2016

Marble & Shattered Glass Nail Art Tutorial

Both marble and shattered glass nail art techniques are all over Instagram at the moment, so I thought I would combine the two to create the look below. Keep reading to find out how...

Marble & Shattered Glass Nail Art Tutorial

What will you need?

To create this look you will need light pink, dark pink and black polishes, a glitter/shattered glass top coat, some cling film, a makeup setting spray, a large-ish bowl full of water and some cotton buds.

The polishes I used were Essie 'Lovie Dovie' (light pink), 'Big Spender' (dark pink) & 'Liquorice' (black), along with Avon 'Magic Effects Diamond Shatter'. I also used the NYX 'Matte Finish Setting Spray' for the marble technique.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Begin by painting all nails in two coats of a Barbie pink polish.

Step 2: Next take some cling film, wrap it into a ball, lightly paint a darker pink shade onto one side and press this over the nail.

Step 3: Now for the water marble technique. Add two drops of black polish into a bowl of water and spray over the top with a spray (such as a makeup setting spray) to disperse the polish and create a marble effect (shown in the image below). Drop your nail over the polish and down into the water and then take a cotton bud to clean up the excess around your finger and in the water.

Step 4: Take a glitter/shattered glass top coat and paint over each nail. Finish off each nail with a layer of top coat to seal everything in.

And there you have your marble nail art topped with a shattered glass effect!

Have you ever created a marble nail art using water?

Happy Nail Arting!
Sam x

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