Saturday 30 March 2013

Ideas I got from the 'Ideal Home Show 2013'

This weekend I went to the Ideal Home Show and there were so many amazing beauty products which I wanted to purchase!! Here are just a few of the things I saw there ...

MoYou Nails

You all know how much I love nail art, so I was very tempted to purchase the nail art sets from 'MoYou Nails' shown below 

Above is just one of the sets they offer. The basic idea is that you put nail varnish over the top of the designs on the silver wheels, scrape the excess nail varnish off using the small plastic scraper, and then roll the rubber pad over the top of the nail varnish. This then puts the design onto the rubber pad and using the same motion you roll this over your nail to place the design onto your nail. The thing I loved about this was that the design dried instantly so you wouldn't have to wait ages to prevent smudging, like I do with so many of my nail art designs. Below are some of the designs you can create using this method. The set shown above costs £25 for a nail varnish, 2 design wheels, scraper and rubber pad. Prices then increase to £35 for an extra nail varnish and 4 wheels and then to £50 if you want to purchase a board of designs.
Visit for more information and to see the different design wheels/boards you can purchase.

Beautiful Brows

The second product which I saw and absolutely loved was this semi permanent eyebrow system. It is made by the cosmetics company 'Beautiful Brows'. The set which was being retailed at the exhibition is shown below. It includes 3 eyebrow shape stencils, an eyebrow colour of your choice, a highlight for your brow bone, tweezers to maintain your eyebrow shape, 2 brush's to apply the eyebrow powder and a mirror. This set was retailing at the exhibition for £35. The stencils allow you to create a beautiful eyebrow shape and with the powder being semi permanent, this prevents it from smudging and coming off during the day like using a regular eyebrow shadow/pencil would. Using any normal make up removal routine would remove the eyebrow powder.  
For more information on this product visit

Hope you enjoy reading about these products as much as I enjoyed discovering them and finding out more about them :) 

Saturday 23 March 2013

Sparkle up your Converse

I got a cheap pair of converse style shoes and jazzed them up with some crystals to create the look below! Keep reading to find out how I did this ...

What will you need?

You will need a cheap pair of converse style shoes, or if you're brave enough a real pair!! You will also need some crystals/gems. I got a pack of self adhesive crystals from Hobby Craft. You also need some strong glue, again I purchased the one I used from Hobby Craft and it is just an all purpose Glue. You may also want to get a towel or cloth to place on the surface you work on in order to ensure you don't get glue everywhere and also a pair of tweezers to pick the gems up with.

How to create the look ...

I placed each crystal on individually and found it made it a lot easier when I picked up the gem with a pair of tweezers to place onto the shoe. First I applied a small amount of glue onto a section of the rubber area on the front of the shoe and placed the gems on top. I used a semi circle pattern starting with the bigger gems around the outside and adding the smaller sized gems in the middle of the rubber front. It may be an idea to place the gems onto the section before you add glue to check they fit nicely. I also added crystals down the back of the shoe, which can been seen in the photos at the top of this post. 
This look adds a bit of sparkle to a trainer style shoe and makes them look more girly! I am really happy with the outcome of this look and its a cheap alternative to purchasing the already crystallised converse shoes!!

Friday 8 March 2013

Disney (Minnie Mouse) Nails

Minnie Mouse is a well loved Disney character and I thought these nails, based on the Minnie Mouse character, are a really cute nail art design so I gave it a go! Below is what they look like and if you like the look read below to find out how to create it ...

What will you need?

In order to create this look I used the colours light pink, white and black. You could use a different colour from light pink as a base colour, however I chose pink as I feel it is quite a girly look. You will also need a tooth pick and a piece of paper to place the nail varnish onto to create the more detailed parts of the nail art. 

Step-to-Step Guide...

Step 1: To begin, I painted the light pink colour all over my nails. Because the colour was quite sheer I used four cotes in order to create more of an opaque base, to make the other colours stand out.

Step 2: Once the pink base coat is dry, the next step is to paint the Minnie Mouse head shape onto your ring finger nail. The easiest way I found to do this was through first creating the large circle and then putting two smaller circles on the top. I created this through using a toothpick and dipping it into the black nail varnish.

Step 3: Next, again I  used a tooth pick, dipping it into the white nail varnish and placed dots onto my other nails. I alternated from the bottom corner to the top corner on each of the nails.

Step 4: The final stage is to put a white bow onto the top of the Minnie Mouse head. Again I used a toothpick to create this. Once all nail varnish is dry you can paint a top coat over the top in order to keep all the colours in place and prevent chipping.