Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ideas I got from the 'Ideal Home Show 2013'

This weekend I went to the Ideal Home Show and there were so many amazing beauty products which I wanted to purchase!! Here are just a few of the things I saw there ...

MoYou Nails

You all know how much I love nail art, so I was very tempted to purchase the nail art sets from 'MoYou Nails' shown below 

Above is just one of the sets they offer. The basic idea is that you put nail varnish over the top of the designs on the silver wheels, scrape the excess nail varnish off using the small plastic scraper, and then roll the rubber pad over the top of the nail varnish. This then puts the design onto the rubber pad and using the same motion you roll this over your nail to place the design onto your nail. The thing I loved about this was that the design dried instantly so you wouldn't have to wait ages to prevent smudging, like I do with so many of my nail art designs. Below are some of the designs you can create using this method. The set shown above costs £25 for a nail varnish, 2 design wheels, scraper and rubber pad. Prices then increase to £35 for an extra nail varnish and 4 wheels and then to £50 if you want to purchase a board of designs.
Visit for more information and to see the different design wheels/boards you can purchase.

Beautiful Brows

The second product which I saw and absolutely loved was this semi permanent eyebrow system. It is made by the cosmetics company 'Beautiful Brows'. The set which was being retailed at the exhibition is shown below. It includes 3 eyebrow shape stencils, an eyebrow colour of your choice, a highlight for your brow bone, tweezers to maintain your eyebrow shape, 2 brush's to apply the eyebrow powder and a mirror. This set was retailing at the exhibition for £35. The stencils allow you to create a beautiful eyebrow shape and with the powder being semi permanent, this prevents it from smudging and coming off during the day like using a regular eyebrow shadow/pencil would. Using any normal make up removal routine would remove the eyebrow powder.  
For more information on this product visit

Hope you enjoy reading about these products as much as I enjoyed discovering them and finding out more about them :) 

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