Monday 27 April 2015

Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

One of my most requested posts is to do a winged eyeliner tutorial and I have finally got round to doing one! I rarely go a day without winged liner in my makeup look and after trying out many different products and brushes I have found my perfect combo.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Step 1: I begin by defining my brows and applying any eyeshadow(s) of my choice.

Step 2: Next I draw a line from the very corner of my line, following my waterline up. You can extend this line as much as you wish.

Step 3: I then start at the tip of the line I have just created and drag this down to the centre of my eye.

Step 4: Applying more liner, I fill in any gaps and take the liner right into the corner of my eye.

Step 5: Next, I tightline my liner to ensure there are no gaps showing near the lashes. I then wipe my brush slightly to remove any excess product and extend the wing slightly to neaten up the edge.

Step 6: Finally I apply a coat of mascara to my lashes to open up my eye even more.

And there you have your winged liner!

What Products Do I Use?

My two holy grail products for winged liner are the Maybelline 'Lasting Drama Gel Liner' and the Sugarpill 'Precision Eyeliner Brush'. I have had problems with liner transferring onto my lid, however this gel liner doesn't budge all day and as you can tell from the photo above my pot of gel liner is very well loved! The Sugarpill brush is amazing to create a super fine line and picks up and moves gel liner perfectly. 

I hope you found this post helpful if you are new to winged liner! 

Are there any products/brushes you love to use to create eyeliner looks?

Sam xx

Friday 17 April 2015

Avon Spring Nail Art Tutorial

As we say goodbye to the Easter holidays, it's time to the spring nail art to begin. Nothing shouts spring nails more to me that pastel shades and floral designs. Therefore, I combined the two and created a fun and easy spring nail art for Avon.

If you want to find out how I created the look below, head over to the Avon Blog or YouTube channel.

Avon Spring Nail Art Tutorial

If you check out the tutorial let me know what you think in the comments below, and I would also love to hear any spring nail art you have been creating.

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam x