Sunday 22 May 2016

Mermaid Holographic 3D Nail Art

Today I jumped onto the 3D nail art trend and created this holographic/mermaid inspired design. The gems might be too much for some, but why not skip this step out and just create the holographic base for a more everyday, wearable look. Keep reading to find out how I created this nail art look...

Mermaid Holographic 3D Nail Art

What will you need?

A pink and blue polish, a holographic top coat, a clear top coat and some nail art gems.
The polishes I used were Essie 'Lovie Dovie' (pink), Illamasqua 'Caress' (blue) and Models Own 'Indian Ocean' (holographic top coat). The gems I used were from the 'Avon Nail Gem Assortment Wheel'.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Begin by sponging the pink and blue polishes onto each nail. I created an ombre effect on the thumb, middle and ring finger, added just the blue polish on the little finger and on the index finger I added a coat of the pink polish.

Step 2: Take the holographic top coat and add this onto each nail. I added two coats to make the effect stronger.

Step 3: Taking different sized nail gems place them onto the nails whilst the top coat is drying.

Step 4: Take a clear top coat and paint a layer onto each nail to seal everything into place.

And there you have your holographic/mermaid nail art with a 3D twist.

What are your favourite nail art trends at the moment?

Happy Nail Arting! Sam x