Friday, 1 February 2013

Flower Power Nail Art

This blog post is a step to step guide of how to create the nail art shown in the image below, read on to find out how to create this look for yourself...

♥ What will you need?

  • Nail varnishes in a range of colours... I chose to use mint, pink, lilac, orange and yellow. You will also need white for the base and a top coat.
  • A piece of paper and a cocktail stick.
♥ Step One

After removing any old nail varnish and filing the nails to your desired shape, you can add the white base varnish. In order to create more of an opaque base I used 2 coats of the white nail varnish. This will help the colours to really stand out on the nail. 

♥ Step Two

After the white base varnish has dried, you can start to create the flowers.
I began with the pink nail varnish, but you can choose which ever colour you like. Put a blob of the nail varnish onto the paper and using the cocktail stick create your desired flower shape on the nail. 

♥ Step Three

Continue this process, changing between colours, until all nails are filled with different coloured flowers. 

♥ Step Four

Now add a dot of different colour nail varnish in the centre of each flower.

♥ Step Five

The final stage is adding a top coat over all nails, once the nail varnish has completely dried.

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