Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Favourite Make Up Brushes - Real Techniques

Ever since I got my first set of real techniques brushes as a present I have fallen in LOVE with them. With them being designed by the amazing make up artist Samantha Chapman, who I have watched on YouTube for years, I always wanted them after seeing them being used in the pixiwoo make up tutorials. If you haven't seen their make up tutorials you have to watch them they're amazing!

I use the real techniques brushes for applying most of my make up so keep reading to find out which brushes I use for different stages of my make up application...

Starting from right to left ....

Blush Brush: I use the blush brush mainly for applying bronzer and occasionally for applying the Rimmel stay matte powder. I love how big this brush is, which allows easy application of something like powder which I like to apply to my whole face.

Buffing Brush: I LOVE the buffing brush for applying liquid foundation. Its amazing for really working the foundation into your skin.

Contour Brush: I always use the contour brush for applying blusher. The small shape of the brush makes is easy to apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks and it helps blend really well!

Pointed Foundation Brush: I do not actually use this brush for foundation as the name suggests, I actually use it for highlighter, as the shape of the brush is really good to place highlighter into the right areas of my face. 

Detailer Brush: I normally use this brush for applying lipsticks. For day-to-day make up I just apply lipstick straight onto my lips, however when I'm going on a night out I really like to make sure my lipstick is perfect and this brush really helps to get lipstick in the right shape around your lips. 

Brow Brush: again I do not use this brush for brows as the name suggests, as I actually use a different brush for my brows. I use the brow brush for blending out black eye liner as it helps to create a more smoky and blended look. This brush is also great for using a gel eye liner to create a winged look. 

Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush: Again this brush is amazing for gel eye liner as the thin shape allows you to get really close to the lash line.

Accent Brush: I love using the accent brush to place eye shadow into my tear duct area. Because the brush is so small its really good to add fine details to your eye make up. It is also great for putting eye shadow underneath the eye.

Base Shadow Brush: This is the brush I use to apply all my eye shadow. It blends shadows amazingly so I usually use just this brush to create a subtle smoky eye with neutral/ brown shades for every day make up.

Deluxe Crease Brush: Again this brush is amazing for blending eye shadow. I usually use my base shadow brush and go over the top with the deluxe crease brush when I'm using stronger, darker eye shadows as it helps to blend eye shadow even more and never leaves harsh lines.

I have also hear that the Expert Face Brush is amazing for foundation so this is 100% on my shopping list for the next real techniques brush to get! Hope you have enjoyed this post and if youre wondering whether or not to purchase these brushes I would definitely persuade you because i personally think they are AMAZING and priced very well too!!

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