Monday, 20 May 2013

My Current Favourite Shower Products

There are two products which I purchased recently which I have been loving in the shower so I thought I would share them with you. Both are available from most drug stores or supermarkets and are reasonably priced ...

The first product is a Radox shower gel. Coconut is one of my favourite shower smells and with this shower gel being called 'coconut kiss' and having a coconut scented it makes the perfect shower gel for me. The scent is perfect - not too strong and the gel feels really creamy and moisturising when you work it into the skin. It is a new line from Radox and it also comes in a berry scent.  

The second product is this shampoo and conditioner duo from L'Oreal. I am usually a fan of blonde hair shampoo and conditioner because of highlighting my hair, however I thought I would try something a bit different and give these two a whirl. With the product being called triple resist I was hoping it was going to leave my hair feeling healthy. It does exactly that, I love how healthy and smooth my hair feels after using these. The only one downside of this product is that they don't really have a scent and I am a fan of hair products that leave my hair smelling nice all day (with the Aussie hair care product scent being one of my favs).

Hope you have enjoyed this review and why not try the products out for yourself!!

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