Friday, 3 May 2013

Ladybird Nail Art

The weather in Bournemouth this week has put me in such a summery mood so I decided to do another summery nail art look. This time I did ladybirds, so if you want to find out how I created the nail art look below keep reading... 

What will you need?

In order to create the look above you will need nail varnish in red, white and black. I used a nail art tool to do the fine details, however alternatively you could use a thin brush or toothpick. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 : Begin by painting all your nails in a red nail varnish and leave to dry.

Step 2 : Once the red base is dry create a semi-circle shape on the tip of your nail using a black nail varnish. I used the brush end of my nail art tool to achieve this.

Step 3 : Next, again with the black nail varnish draw on the antennas. This time I used the ball end of the nail art tool to carefully drag up the nail varnish. I then put a small dot of black nail varnish on the top of the antennas. 

Step 4 : Next, again using black nail varnish and the ball end of the nail art tool I put spots all over the red area of the nail.

Step 5 : Ensuring that the black tip is dry you can now create the white of the eye using the white nail varnish. I used the ball end of the nail art tool, dragging the nail varnish in a circular shape.

Step 6 : Finally place a small dot of black into the centre of the white dots on the tip of the nail to create the centre of the eye.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial !!

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