Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The One Pair of Lashes I Can't Live Without

If you follow me on Instagram @insamazement you will know that my signature look for a night out is a golden/bronze smokey eye paired with a wispy lash. I always get people asking me what lashes I have on, so I thought I would share with you the one pair of lashes I can't live without.

False Lashes

The 'House Of GlamDolls #4 WispyDoll Lashes' have a perfect mix of long and short lashes, which as the name suggests, allows you to enhance your natural lashes to give a wispy effect. 

Although these lashes add a dramatic finish to any eye makeup (which I love), the thin band allows you to place the lashes close to the natural lash and doesn't leave your eyes looking or feeling too heavy. 

House Of GlamDoll Lashes

Another bonus of these lashes is that they have a purse friendly price tag at just  £5 a pair. Although cheap, the quality is amazing and each pair can be used multiple times (I think I am on my 5th use of my current WispyDoll Lashes and they are still going strong). 

If dramatic lashes aren't for you, House Of GlamDolls offer a range of other styles including FlutterDoll Lashes #3 which is a slightly more subtle lash in the same style as the WispyDoll lashes and the Dollmix Lashes #7 which are great to add volume to the outer lash and leave the inner eye looking more natural.

Have you ever tried anything from House Of GlamDolls before? I would also highly recommend their GlamBase Wheel for contouring. 

What are you favourite lashes?

Sam x

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