Sunday, 13 March 2016

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche L'Huile Collection Review & Nail Art Tutorial

L'Oreal Paris have just launched a new nail varnish collection, Colour Riche L'Huile*, and as a nail lover I was so excited to try the range out! The collection is made up of 22 shades all bottled up in stunning glass packaging with a quilted finish, making them stand out from all the other polishes in my collection. Along with the prestige packaging, the formula is infused with precious oils and intense pigments, leaving the nails with an opaque glossy finish in just one coat. 

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche L'Huile

Along with standard red and pastel pink shades, Colour Riche L'Huile features a great range of on-trend nude and grey polishes, which are a great addition. 21/22 of the polishes have a gloss finish with 1 metallic shade completing the collection. The polishes are all super pigmented making them great for nail art as you will see in my look below. 

The wand on each polish is also unique. The 3 ridges down the length of the wand mean the polish is drip resistant and the fan shaped brush, with over 400 bristles, allows for a precise application. I found one coat of polish to dry in about 2 mins (pretty good!). At just £4.99 I would definitely recommend these polishes for anyone looking to update their nail varnish collection.

So onto the nail art look I created with the collection...

pink nail art

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

pink nail art tutorial

Step 1: To begin I took the Colour Riche L'Huile in 112 'Blanc De Lune' (white) and added one coat all over the nails and left to dry completely.

Step 2: Next, taking some tape, I placed two pieces horizontally and 2 pieces vertically on each nail to create a crisscross/checked design.

Step 3: Taking 222 'Jardin Des Roses', 226 'Nymphea' and 332 'Violet Vendome', I added a small amount of each polish in turn onto a makeup sponge and lightly pressed over the nail to create a tie dye/galaxy effect. As the polishes are so pigmented you only need a small amount to achieve a fantastic pigment.

Step 4: Peel off the tape to reveal your design and paint a layer of top coat onto each nail to seal in the design.

To check out the full collection head over to the L'Oreal Paris Website here.

What shades do you like the look of in this collection?

Sam x

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  1. oh this looks lovely! I thought they were nail wraps at first. I really like the look of these L'Oreal polishes, I'll definitely be picking up a couple.