Sunday 11 October 2015

Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

Today I have a mosaic effect nail art tutorial for you, mixing both glossy and glitter polished to create a textured look. I have created a step by step pictorial for this look, so if you want to find out how I created this look then keep on reading...

Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

What will you need?

To create this look you will need a white, red, berry and grey polish, along with orange and turquoise glitter varnishes and some striping tape.
The polishes I used were Avon 'Matte White', Illamasqua 'Throb', 'Facet' & 'Maquise', Leighton Denny 'Purple Reign' and Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush in 'Turquoise'.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Mosaic Nail Art Pictorial

Step 1: Paint all nails in a base of white and leave to dry completely. I used a matte polish as these dry super quick.

Step 2: Place 3-4 pieces striping tape randomly over each nail to create a mosaic design.

Step 3: Take each polish in turn and fill in the gaps between the tape. Peel off the tape to reveal the design. 

If you want to add a top coat feel free, however I liked the textured finish without.

What do you think of this nail art look? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Art-ing!
Sam x

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  1. Wow, these nails are beautiful! I really like how colorful they are, but yet not tacky at all...