Sunday 11 October 2015

Halloween Striped Nail Art Tutorial

Spooky season is just around the corner so I thought it was about time my nails took a halloween twist. I used a combination of orange, purple and bright green to create a spellbinding design.

Halloween Striped Nail Art

What will you need?

To create this look you will need shimmer/glitter polishes in green, purple and orange. You will also need a deep purple polish for the base of the nails and some striping tape.
The shades I used were Illamasqua 'Marquise', 'Omen' & 'Seance' and Avon Magic Effects Matte in 'Violetta'.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Begin by painting your nails in a deep purple polish. I used a matte polish here as the drying time is so much quicker.

Step 2: Once the base polish is dry, take some striping tape and place this in diagonal stripes across the nail, spacing evenly.

Step 3: Fill in the gaps between the tape with the glitter polishes.

If you want to add a topcoat you can, but I loved how the textured glitters gave the nail art more of a halloween feel. 

Halloween Nail Art

Have you created any halloween nail art looks? What are your plans to celebrate?

Happy Nail Art-ing!
Sam x

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