Sunday 8 December 2013

Snow Is Falling All Around Us

With just 17 days until Christmas day, I thought it was about time I started on my Christmas Nail Art adventure! The first design I decided to created was this snowflake/ snow blizzard look. 

As always I have put together a step-by-step tutorial as to how I personally created the nail art look below and all the bits and bobs you will need to create this look. 

What will you need? 

As in many of my nail art posts you will need a dotting tool and nail varnishes in the shades red and white as well as a top coat. However there are some tools I used in this nail art which may not be familiar! These are a nail art stamping disc, a nail varnish scraper and stamper. I got these a while ago and I always forget to use them as I am so used to creating designs from scratch! However they are the perfect tool for creating intricate designs that may be difficult to achieve using a standard dotting tool. I used the stamping disc to create the snowflakes and the design of this can be seen in the top left of the disc in the image above. 
The nail varnish shades I used were Barry M Matt White (White) and Mavala London (Red). 

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Paint all nails in a coat of the red nail varnish.

Step 2: Using the stamping disc, nail varnish scraper and stamper, stamp white snowflakes randomly over the nails. You begin by painting over the snowflake design on the disk with white nail varnish, then scrape off the excess nail varnish on the disk, leaving just the snowflake. Next you take the stamper and roll this over the snowflake to transfer the nail varnish onto the stamper. You then roll the stamper over the nail to create the snowflake design. 

Step 3: Take the dotting tool and white nail varnish and place dots in free spaces over the nails.

Step 4: Take a top coat and paint over each nail. This will seal in all the nail art, prevent shipping and give your nails a shine!

I have also created another step-by-step image so you can see each step in more detail...

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have created any Christmas nail art, feel free to comment below with a link to your image/ blog post as I would love to see! Also if you have any ideas for Christmas nail art designs I could try in the upcoming weeks to Christmas I would love to know! 

Until next time, Samantha x

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  1. I love these nails! They're super cute. :)
    I need to get things for nail stamping, but I haven't gotten around to getting things for it because I wasn't sure how it worked. This helped! thanks. :)

    The Girly Gamer