Monday 16 December 2013

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

I'm back with my second Christmas nail art and with just 9 days till Christmas Day I'm feeling very festive. I have seen lots of reindeer nails flying around the internet so I thought I would try my own! As always I have put together a step by step picture guide as to how I created my reindeer nails so if you want to find out keep reading ...

What will you need?

In order to create this nail art you will need nail varnishes in light pink, light brown, dark brown, white, black, red and glitter. You will also need a top coat and dotting tool in various sizes.
I used the following nail varnishes: Bourjois 'Rose Satin', Loreal Paris 'Beige Countess', Barry M 'Magnetic Red Sparkle', Barry M 'Matt White', Miss Sporty 'Black', Mavala 'London' and Rimmel 'Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat'.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Paint all nails in the light pink shade. I painted on three coats as my varnish was quite sheer and I wanted an opaque base.

Step 2: Using the light brown shade paint on semi circles at the bottom of your nails to create the face of the reindeer.

Step 3: Using the dark brown and a small dotting tool create the antlers. I began by dotting on a vertical line and then added the smaller diagonal lines after.

Step 4: Using a reasonably large dotting tool created two large white dots for the eye.

Step 5: Next take the black nail varnish and with a small dotting tool add two black dots in the centre of the white dots to create the eyes. Then take a larger dotting tool and create a semi circle for the noses on all nails apart from the ring finger.

Step 6: Take the red nail varnish and the large dotting tool and create the final nose on each ring finger.

Step 7: Taking the light pink again on a small dotting tool, add a dot to each reindeer cheek to give them a slight blushing colour to the cheeks.

Step 8: This step is optional but I wanted to add some festive sparkle so I added some fine glitter on a dotting tool to each nose of the reindeer.

Step 9: Once everything is dry add a layer of top coat to each nail. This will seal in the nail art and prevent any chipping.

I hope you have enjoyed this nail art! If you create any festive nail art I would love to see or if you have any ideas for other Christmas nail art I could create comment below and let me know. 

Until next time, Samantha xx

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  1. These are so cute! I wish I had the talent to do nail art.
    You have a lovely blog, new follower! :) x
    Sweet Dreams