Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blue & Green Tile Nail Art Tutorial

I always choose girly pink and purple shades, so today I thought I would mix things up and use some blue and green hues to create this tile nail art look. This design was inspired by the very talented Wondrously Polished

Blue & Green Tile Nail Art

What will you need?
To create this look you will need 4 blue & green polishes, some striping tape, a dotting tool and some top coat.
The polishes I used were Illamasqua Cameo and a limited edition green polish, Essie Bell-Bottom Blues and Avon Magic Effects in Turquoise. 

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Tile Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Begin by painting all nails in a base of white polish. I used a matte polish to speed up the drying time.

Step 2: Take around 4 pieces of striping tape and place them horizontally on each nail.

Step 3: Taking each of the coloured polishes in turn, create small squares, leaving a thin white gap between each.

Step 4: Finally peel off the striping tape to reveal your design and paint a layer of top coat onto each nail.

And there you have your tile nail art design!

What are your favourite nail varnish shades?

Happy Nail Art-ing!
Sam x

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