Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Nail Art #2: Glitter Stripes and Hearts

Im back with my second Valentines day nail art and today I created a striped design, with a heart on the ring finger as an accent nail to help share the love!

Valentines Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art

To create this nail art all you will need is nail varnish in lilac, barbie pink and silver glitter. It will also be handy to have a top coat, some striping tape and a dotting tool! 

Step 1: Begin by painting all your nails in the lilac shade and leave this to dry completely

Step 2: Next, taking the barbie pink shade onto a dotting tool, I created the heart shape.

Step 3: Whilst the heart was drying, I took some striping tape adding two pieces to the nail and painting the pink shade down the centre to create the first stripe. I pealed the tape off whilst the nail varnish was still wet and left this to dry.

Step 4: Once the heart was dry, I took the silver glitter onto a dotting tool and added this into the centre of the heart.

Step 5: Next I added glitter, again using a dotting tool, down the centre of the pink stripe and also down either side of my nails. 

Step 6: Once everything was nice a dry, I went in with a top coat adding a layer to each nail to seal in the design!

And there you have your sparkly Valentines nails!

Heart and Stripe Nail Art

Do you have any plans for valentines day? I also have a Valentines makeup look coming up later this week!

Happy Valentines Day! Sam xx


  1. Aww these nails are to die for, so perfect for Valentines day!

    Anna-Maria |