Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cow Print Nail Art Tutorial

I was looking for some nail inspiration the other day, when I stumbled on a very talented nail artist known on Instagram as Sruiq. She did some super cute cow print nails which I just had to have a go at myself and here is the final look...

Cow Print Nail Art Tutorial

Cow Print Nail Art

I began by painting all my nails in a white base, apart from my ring finger which I painted in a nude shade. Next taking a black polish onto a dotting tool I created the cow print and the outline of the cows face. Going in with a light pink shade, I created the cows nose and using the white polish again, I created the ears and face of the cow. Finally I went back in with the black and white polishes to create the cows eyes and once everything was dry polished my nails off with a top coat. 

The nail varnishes I used were Illamasqua 'Boosh' & 'Scorch'; Nails Inc 'Porchester Square' and No17 'Pink Lemonade'.

Cow Nail Art

And there you have your cow nail art! What do you think of this look?

Happy Nail Art-ing!
Sam x

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