Friday, 19 September 2014

Japanese Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

With leaves beginning to fall and the days slowly closing in on us, I thought it was about time I brought out my berry toned nail varnish. Dark berry shades are my favourite to use on both my nails and in my makeup during the Autumn season, so I went for a berry ombre on the base of my nails and added a japanese floral pattern on top. If you want to find out how I created this look, take a look at my pictorial below...

Japanese Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Autumn Berry Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Step-By-Step Pictorial:

Japanese Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: To begin I created the ombre base using to berry shade variations and a small makeup sponge.

Step 2: Next taking white nail varnish onto a dotting tool I created two large circles, dotting smaller circles around the edge. This will act as the base of the flowers.

Step 3: Next I took the darker berry shade and using a fine dotting tool I added this to the centre of each smaller dot.

Step 4: Taking the lighter berry shade, create the centre of each flower.

Step 5: Whilst the centre berry shade is still wet, press a gem into the centre.

Step 6: Finally finish off the nail art by applying a layer of top coat to each nail - this will help to seal in both the nail art and the gems.

And there you have your Japanese inspired floral nail art!

Japanese Inspired Floral Nail Art

Autumn Berry Floral Nail Art

What do you think of this nail art look? Have you created any Autumn nail art designs?

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam x

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