Monday 11 August 2014

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

Im back with another nail art tutorial. Today I was feeling colourful so I went for a rainbow of shades and created a mosaic look which is sure to catch attention. This look is super easy to create so keep reading if you want to find out exactly how I achieved this design...

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art

What will you need?

All you will need for this look are around 5 shades (and 2 variations of each shade) and also a white polish. The 5 colours I went for were pink, purple, green, blue and peach. You will also need some nail art striping tape and a dotting tool. 

The shades I used were:
Pink: Graffiti Nails 'Butterfly Pink' and Barry M 'Rose Hip'
Purple: Barry M 'Vivid Purple' and Avon 'Lavender Sky'
Blue: Illamasqua 'Cameo' and Models Own 'Blueberry Muffin'
Green: Graffiti Nails 'Pistachio' and Models Own 'Apple Pie'
Peach: Illamasqua 'Lament' and 'Purity'

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Begin by painting all nails in a white base layer. Leave this to dry completely before moving onto the next step. You may want to paint a fast drying top coat to the nails to speed this process up slightly

Step 2: Next take pieces of striping tape and place these in an 'x' shape over each nail.

Step 3: Using your 2 shade variations, take the darkest of the two and paint this into the tip triangle, then take the lighter shade and add this to the two outer triangles.

Step 4: Remove the tape, clean up around the nails and add a layer of top coat to each nail.

And there you have your mosaic nails!

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

Colourful Mosaic Nail Art Tutorial

What do you think of this design? Do you prefer super colourful or more subtle designs? 

If you recreate this look yourself, be sure to share it with me on Instagram @insamazement!

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam x

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