Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nail Vinyls: Bright Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

So I think I'm a bit late jumping onto the nail vinyl wagon, however I only recently discovered them when I was browsing through an amazing blog by Madison 'Fundamentally Flawless'. Previous to this discovery I would always create a chevron nail art by taking individual pieces of thin nail art tape and zig zagging them over my nails (whoops!). After receiving my order of the chevron nail vinyls yesterday I couldn't wait to use them!

Chevron nail vinyls

You can get 100-300 of the chevrons depending on how much you want to spend. I thought I would give them a whizz first and see how I got on so I ordered 100 for only $5 which is just under £3. I will definitely be ordering more because I LOVE them and would love to try out some of the other designs such as the half moons and single chevrons. 

I created this bright design using the nail vinyls and if you want to find out how I created it keep reading...

Chevron nail vinyls

What will you need?

All you will need is a white nail varnish, three other nail varnish shades of your choice, chevron nail vinyls and some small gems. You will also need a small sponge. I used Illamasqua's UV nail varnish in 'Omen', 'Seance' and 'Ouija' and Avon Nail Experts in 'White'. 

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Chevron nail vinyls

Step 1: Begin by painting the middle and ring finger in white and the small finger, index finger and thumb one of your other shades. I also added a fast drying top coat over the white nails. Make sure you leave them to dry for at least 15-20 mins!

Step 2: Next take the nail vinyls and apply them to the white nails. I used three on each nail and found them easier to apply using tweezers. 

Step 3: Next take your three nail varnish shades and using a small sponge press these onto the nail, over the top of the vinyls. 

Step 4: Remove the vinyls straight away and paint a top coat onto these two nails. Then one by one paint a top coat onto the other nails, pressing gems on top as you go. 

And there you have your bright chevron nail art design!

Chevron nail vinyls

If you want to get your hands on some nail vinyls take a look here. Don't be put off by them coming from the US if you live in the UK as they were super speedy and arrived on my door stop in no time!

Have you ever used nail vinyls before? What looks have you created with them?

Sam x

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  1. I love all the colours you've used, but the pink really caught my eye - nice job x