Saturday, 24 May 2014

Matte Goodness From Illamasqua: Matte Lip Liquids and Matte Veil

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted I was away last weekend and I had a crazy busy week. But its all good because I'm back to share with you some new amazingness from Illamasqua! As part of the Summer 2014 collection, Illamasqua launched the Matte Lip Liquids and Matte Veil.

Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender:

Matte lip products are up there in one of my favourite make-up must haves, recently shying away from glossy finishes. If you want a lip product that sure is matte and won't budge from your lips then the Matte Lip Liquids are for you.
I have the shade 'Surrender' (warm peach) and they are also available in the shades 'Forbidden' (sensual pink) and 'Exotic' (vivid orange). I like to apply this product by first lining the lips with a lip pencil and then taking Surrender onto a lip brush and sweeping it across the lips. One thing I did find is that you really do need to layer the product in order to get an even coverage of colour.
The Matte Lip Liquids apply like a gloss with a creamy texture and within seconds drys to a matte finish. When I say it doesn't budge, it really doesn't! I have had Surrender on for over five hours and the colour is still exactly the same shade and there is no sign of it going anywhere! The only thing I do find is when I eat, the product slightly moves from the centre of the lips, however with a simple touch up your lips are back full of colour.
All three Matte Lip Liquids are available online and at Illamasqua stores and counters for £18.50. If you're looking for a spring lip product and you love a super matte finish, these are definitely for you!

Matte Veil:

A lot of you will of heard or tired Illamasqua's Hydra Veil. Following the success of this amazing product, Illamasqua have launched Matte Veil, a mattifying primer which is also a cosmetics care product.
Butyelene Glycol dissolves the skins overactive oil levels, helping to keep the shine at bay and Sodium Hyaluronate keeps the skin feeling moisturised and balanced, meaning Matte Veil certainly won't dry out the skin.
I apply a small amount onto the back of my hand and use my fingers to work this into the skin before applying my foundation. You instantly feel your skin tightening and mattifying as you apply the product, which I love! After a long day in London, I often sit on the train at the end of the day and see a shiny spoon face staring back at me in my reflection, however Matte Veil definitely helps to keep some oil at bay and not only does my face appear shiney, my foundations seems to stay on a whole lot better. Even if you're skin isn't oily, this product would be great for mattyfying and balancing out the moisture in the skin, so don't write it off!
Matte Veil is slightly pricier than the Matte Lip Liquids at £30, however you do get a very generous amount of product and you only need to use a tiny amount each day so it will last! Again Matte Veil is available online as well as at Illamasqua stores and counters.

Are you a fan of matte lips and skin? I would love to know of any products you have tried and loved, so leave a comment down below!

Samantha xx

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  1. This is so beautiful for the summer and compliments us fair girls just right (it is not that light peach colour that only looks better on olive skinned girls or darker). I am grabbing this for sure. Beautiful blog by the way, I am going to keep an eye on it. Keep it up! x