Sunday, 13 April 2014

Neon, Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

As the weather gets warmer and the sun appears, I find myself opting for brighter nail varnishes. Therefore I thought I would create this neon chevron look today with some added glitz using glitter nail varnish, as well as some gems. As always I have put together a step-by-step pictorial, so keep reading to find out exactly how I created this look.

What will you need?

I order to create a similar look yourself you will need a neon pink nail varnish (sorry this isn't in the pictures, I had my nails done this weekend and I forgot to look at the shade name, however I do know it was a Colour Club nail varnish), a dark pink, lilac, white and glitter varnish. You will also need a top coat, some striping tape, a dotting tool and some small gems. 
The nail varnish shades I used were Barry M 'Shocking Pink', Illamasqua 'Harem', 'Scorch' & 'Trilliant' and a Seche Vite 'Dry Fast Top Coat'.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Paint your nails in the neon pink shade and leave to dry.

Step 2: Apply the striping tape to your ring and middle fingers, ensuring it is pressed down at the edges to avoid the nail varnish leaking.

Step 3: Taking the white, lilac and dark pink shades onto a dotting tool one by one, fill in some of the gaps between the tape.

Step 4: Remove the tape and again using the dotting tool, this time with the glitter varnish, add accents of the glitter along some of the chevrons.

Step 5: Now its time to add the gems to all other fingers. To do this I painted one layer of top coat onto the nail and pressed the gems over the top.

Step 6: Once all nails are dry take the top coat and add a layer to each nail. This will seal in the top coat and gems and prevent chipping!

And there you have your neon chevron nail art with some girly glitz! 

What do you think of this nail art look? What are your favourite shades to wear now the sun is shining? I would love to know your thoughts so leave me a comment below.

Happy Nail Art-ing! Samantha xx

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