Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines Nail Art

With it being under a week until Valentines day I thought I would get creative and produce a Valentines themed nail art. When I think of Valentines day I think of hearts and roses, so I mixed the two together and came up with the look below. If you want to find out how I created this look keep reading...

What will you need?

To create this look you will need quite a few shades of nail varnish. I used navy, white, light pink, dark pink, pastel orange, coral, lilac, dark purple, mint and a top coat. You will also need a dotting tool and a small nail art brush.

The nail varnish shades I used were, Nail Supreme Navy & Top Coat ; Rimmel Ultra Violet, Ring a Ring ó Roses & Tangy Tangerine; Barry M Shocking Pink, Vidid Purple & Mint Screen, Collection Hip Hop and Illamasqua Scorch.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Paint all nails in the navy shade, apart from the ring finger which should be painted white. Leave the base coats to dry.

Step 2: Using the navy nail varnish again and a dotting tool create a heart shape in the middle of the nail on the ring finger. 

Step 3: Taking the light pink shade and a dotting tool, create large dots randomly across all nails and inside the heart.

Step 4: Taking the pastel orange shade on a dotting tool create large dots surrounding the previous pink dots on the ring finger and the index finger. On all remaining nails take the lilac shade and do the same.

Step 5: Taking darker shades of the previous dots (dark pink, purple and orange), use the small nail art brush to add detailing to the centre of the large dots with the corresponding colour. 

Step 6: Take the mint shade and the dotting tool, create random leaves around the followers.

Step 7: Once all the above is dry, take a top coat and add a layer to each nail. This will seal in the nail art and create a shine across the nails!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini nail art tutorial. Have you been creating any valentines nail art? 

Have an amazing Valentines day on Friday! I can't wait to go and spend my Valentines weekend with my sister and best friends! 

Happy Nail-arting! Samantha xx

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