Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Stellar' Review

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted, I took some time off blogging as I went to Bournemouth last weekend to go back to uni for my mid-placement lecture! Anyway I'm back to blogging with a product review. I know I'm slightly late on the Rimmel Apocalips bandwagon, however I won their nail art competition and was send a bag of goodies from them. I was so excited to see an Apocalips lip lacquer amongst other amazing goodies, as I have seen the hype about them on many blogs but never tried one for myself!
With all lip products I look for three things: strong colour pay off, long lasting power and easy application. Therefore I have split this blog post into these three categories to review my Rimmel Apocalips in 'Stellar' and see if it lives up to my lip product standards...

Colour Pay Off:

I would describe the shade of 'Stellar' as a bright coral. I am loving a statement lip colour at the moment, and this shade really is one to wear as a statement! The colour pay off is so strong and the thick texture of the lacquer meant I only needed one layer to achieve an opaque wash across my lips. The only down side to the shade to me is I wish it had more blue undertones. I always go for colours which have blue undertones as they are known for making your teeth look whiter, and I feel overall they look more flattering on me. However all in all the shade is nice and bright with a fantastic colour pay off on the lips.

Lasting Power:

Lasting power is an important feature of a lip product for me. There is nothing worse than applying a lip colour and it being almost gone in the hour and a half it takes me to travel to work! Therefore I really did put my Apocalips to the test before I thought about wearing it out the house. The lasting power was great for me, after two hours I looked in the mirror and the product still looked exactly the same on my lips! So now it was time to put it to the eating test. After eating the product had moved from the centre of my lips and gathered slightly around the edges, however it didn't move as much as lip products I have tried previously, and bearing in mind it is more of a gloss than a lipstick, it is understandable for some of the product to move/ be lost. Also once I pressed my lips with my finger, to remove some of the product gathered around the edges of my lips, it left my lips with a nice stain! Therefore overall I was reasonably happy with the lasting power of my Apocalips and I will allow myself to wear it to work without worrying about funny looks I might have got on the train!

Ease of Application:

Apocalips lip lacquers come with a doe foot applicator which I found very easy to use to apply the product to my lips. The shape of the wand makes it easy to create the 'perfect' lip shape and work the product around the cupids bow area. The product spreads evenly across the lips and if I did slightly over draw the lips, it was easy to wipe the product away without wiping it half way across my face! As I mentioned above, when removing the product from the lips, if you lightly wipe away the product, you are left with a nice stain on the lips which would also look nice if you didn't want such a colour intense glossy finish on the lips!

Overall I was very impressed with the Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar and it will be a product which I see myself using a lot in the near future! The images below show Stellar on my lips in two different lightings, and in both the product is SO colour intense and vibrant! Also just incase you were wondering, I am wearing Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in these images. You may have seen me talk about this in my advent calendar post at the beginning of January. I am honestly LOVING this foundation and the coverage is amazing.

All Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug for £6.49!

Have you tried Stellar or any of the other Rimmel Apocalips shades? What do you think of them?

Until next time, Samantha xx


  1. This shade suits you SO well. It looks lovely :) I should really dig my apocalips out and wear it more often! Aimée Xxx

    1. Thank you so much Aimée! Also congrats on nearly being on 200 followers!!! AMAZING xxx

  2. Aw thats such a gorgeous shade! Really suits you! I love the apocalips formula! Great post lovely xx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

  3. This looks so pretty on you! I have most of the original shades they released but I'm not sure if this was one of the originals and if I have this one. I really should find mine and start using them again as I love them but they kind of got forgotten as I've gained new products x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty