Sunday 27 October 2013

Halloween Frankenstein Nail Art

With it being under a week until Halloween, I thought I would get myself in the spooky spirit and do a Halloween inspired nail art. I have seen lots of amazing Halloween nail art designs recently so I thought I would give the Frankenstein look a try. Its very easy to create, so if you want to find out how I created the look below, keep reading!

What will you need?

In order to create this look yourself you will need nail varnishes in green, white and black. You will also need a top coat and a nail art dotting tool. I used the following nail varnishes: Rimmel Green Grass, Barry M Matt White and Miss Sporty Black. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: To begin I painted all my nails in the green nail varnish. I painted two coats in order to gain an opaque base for the nail art.

Step 2: Once the base coats were dry I took some black onto the dotting tool and created small triangles at the top of my nail as Frankenstein's hair. 

Step 3: Again using the dotting tool and black nail varnish I dotted on the eyes and eye brows.

Step 4: Using the black nail varnish and the dotting tool once again I created Frankenstein's mouth. I dotted on the horizontal line first and then place the vertical lines over the top.

Step 5: Now take the white nail varnish onto the dotting tool and place a tiny dot in the centre of the eyes.

Step 6: Finally once all the design is dry paint a top coat over the top. This will seal the design into place, add a small amount of shine to your nails and prevent any chipping. 

And there you have your Frankenstein Nail Art! I really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Have you created any Halloween nail art this year? If you're heading to a Halloween party this week I hope you have an amazing time! 

Until next time, Samantha xx

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