Sunday, 8 September 2013

Summer Floral Nail Art

With Summer unfortunately coming to end, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to squeeze in one more summer floral nail art! I have put together a step-by-step guide of how to achieve the nail art below, so if you want to find out how to create it yourself keep reading...

What will you need?

In order to create this nail art yourself, you will need nail varnishes in fuchsia, blue, dark coral, white, a lighter coral and a top coat. You will also need a nail art dotting tool, however if you don't have one of these to hand you could use a tooth pick or a hair grip! I used Illamasqua Harem and Cameo, BarryM Matt White and Passion Fruit and Collection Fruit Salad. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: To begin paint the nails in white to create the base. I painted two coats onto my nails in order to ensure the base was opaque, to ensure the flowers stood out as much as possible on top.

Step 2: After the base coats had dried I took the dark coral nail varnish (BarryM Passion Fruit) and using the dotting tool I drew a large flower onto each nail.

Step 3: Next I took the blue nail varnish (Illamasqua Cameo) and added 5 dots in a circle using the dotting tool to create the small blue flower. 

Step 4: Next using the fuchsia nail varnish (Illamasqua Harem - one of my fav colours at the moment!) and the dotting tool I places lines in a circular shape to create a slightly different style flower.

Step 5: The last flower I created was using the lighter coral shade (Collection Fruit Salad) and the dotting tool again. I drew slightly larger circles this time to create a larger flower similar to the style of the blue flowers. 

Step 6: The next step is placing different colours in the centre of each flower to complete the look.

Step 7: Finally once all the flowers are dry, I painted over the top in a top coat. This will prevent any chipping and more shine to the nails.

Step 8: AND Voila! The nail art is complete.

I hope you like this nail art look! What nail art designs are you loving at the moment? Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Until next time, Samantha xx

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