Monday, 3 June 2013

My Two Favourite Moisturisers

There are 2 face creams/ moisturisers which I am loving at the moment. One is a day cream and the other is a night cream, and because I am a student they are relatively cheap to purchase and can be picked up from high street drug stores such as boots or supermarkets. Keep reading to find out which products these are ...

Product 1 : Olay Essentials - Complete Care

I picked this day face cream up from Sainsbury's for around £5. This product is great if you're in a rush in the morning as you only have to wait a few minutes before your face is ready for foundation as it is a thin cream and does not take too long to soak into the skin. Also another bonus of this product is that it has spf 15. This means it is great for the summer to apply underneath your make up, if prehaps your foundation does not already have spf in for added protection from the sun. 

Product 2 : Nivea Daily Essentials - Rich Regenerating Night Cream

Again I picked this cream up from Sainsbury's for around £5. This product differs from the one above as it is a night cream and therefore has a much thicker consistency to the Olay day cream. I love this product as the thick creamy texture really helps to moisturise the skin. I usually apply this product just before I go to bed and the next morning my skin feels very soft.

If you're on a budget and are looking for face creams which leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant I would recommend these products above! 

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