Sunday 7 April 2013

Nail Art Tool

My amazing Mum got me a nail art tool (shown below) from Avon for just £3 ...

With the tool having a brush on one end and a ball on the other, it allows you to create many different nail art looks. I used the ball end of the tool to create the look below. Through the tool taking the style of a pen, it is easy to hold and allows you to add fine details to your nail art. I found the ball really easy to use in order to create the flower pattern on the nails below; much easier than using a toothpick which is what I have always used in the past. As mentioned above the nail art tool is £3 (currently has an introductory price of £1.50) from Avon and can be purchased from an Avon representative or online at: 

In order to create this look you will need pink, white and yellow nail varnish, the nail art tool and a piece of paper to put small amount of the nail varnish onto to dip the tool in. 
First I painted all my nails in the pink base colour (2 coats), once dry using the ball end of the nail art tool I created the flower petals with the white nail varnish (2-3 flowers on each nail depending on the size), finally using the nail art tool again I added a dot of yellow nail varnish into the centre of each flower. You can add a top coat to the nails if you wish! 

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